3 in arrest report from Grundy County Sheriff

Grundy County Law Enforcement Center

Three unrelated arrests are in the report from Grundy county sheriff’s office.

33-year-old Juan Gallegos Junior of Spickard is charged with stealing by deceit with a bond of $15,000 on the felony charge.

Gallegos is accused in October 2015 of appropriating money by selling timber to the Spickard saw mill when, investigators say, the oak timber belonged instead to Sonya Wimer.

An inmate at the Grundy County Detention Center has been served with a warrant accusing second-degree burglary.

33-year-old Timothy Nguyen of Trenton is accused of a July 20th, 2016 burglary for the alleged purpose of stealing at 1415 Lulu – a structure belonging to Darrell Williams. Bond is $15,000 cash.

Court information notes Nguyen is a prior offender. Two separate convictions are listed for burglary and stealing in St. Louis County in 2007 and there’s a conviction for burglary and unlawful use of a weapon in Jefferson County in 2006.

46-year-old Jeffrey Paul Hanna of Trenton has been charged with domestic assault in the third degree stemming from an incident last month in Trenton. Bond is $5,000 cash.

Court information says a household member received physical injuries when struck in the head multiple times. Court information shows Hanna has previous domestic assault convictions in 2010 in Livingston County and 2016 in Grundy County.

Each defendant is to appear Tuesday in the associate division of circuit court.