North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission recommends names for roads near East Locust Creek Reservoir

Roy Blunt Reservoir

At the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission meeting, the Commissioners took up the issue of adopting a “Naming Convention” that will guide the naming of approximately 113 features at or near the East Locust Creek Reservoir ELCR.  Features include, but are not limited to; roads, bridges, branches, coves, points, the marina, boat launch areas, shelters, fishing areas, and recreational areas.

A Naming Convention is adopted by City Planners and other entities to; 1) create an identity or brand, 2) help with wayfinding, 3) market for visitors and fundraising, 4) differentiate the destination from others.  A Naming Convention can also influence architectural design, aesthetic features and signage, and material selection.

Because of the success in receiving a $22.4 million BUILD Grant (enabled by Senator Blunt and Congressman Graves) that will pay for 8 miles of paved road, 17 miles of improved gravel roads, and four bridges, it became necessary to consider “re-naming” or naming four roads.  As a condition of the grant, Sullivan County will take over a portion of Highway N (that will be bisected by the reservoir) to Highway Y/N and Highway VV and end at Highway B. In addition, there will be a new road constructed behind the dam connecting to the current Mayapple Road and ending at Highway N.  It was, therefore, necessary for the Sullivan County Commission to consider the names.  The NCMRWC asked the County Commission if they would allow the Commission to make recommendations in context with an ELCR Naming Convention and they agreed.

The Commission received a recommendation by the Project Team for the naming convention and shared with them alternatives that were considered and justification for their recommendation that the Guiding Principle for naming features would be tied to “Legacy and Heritage”, meaning, the legacy and heritage of the area.  The citizens of Sullivan County and the landowners enabled the ELCR, sometimes, sacrificing for the greater good that will benefit generations to come.  Additionally, Federal and State officials worked tirelessly and with great determination to see that the three-decade undertaking became a reality.  It was thought by the Commissioners that these people should be memorialized and commemorated in some manner.

The Preamble to the Resolution adopting the naming convention reads:

The East Locust Creek Reservoir is dedicated to the hardworking and visionary people of the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission, Sullivan County, Federal and State Officials, Elected Leadership, and the Project Team who toiled for decades to make the dream of a regional water supply a reality.  Their tireless commitment, determination, and indomitable persistence are representative of the heritage and legacy of the American spirit that lives on.  The East Locust Creek Reservoir stands as a monument to that past and present.

Recommendation to the Sullivan County Commission:

From the south on Highway 5: 

  • Current Mayapple Road off of Highway 5, that will connect to a newly constructed road connecting to Highway B to the east be named “Legacy Byway”. This is the replacement road for Highway N that will be bisected by the ELCR.
  • Current Highway N runs through Boynton and will be bisected by the ELCR; the western portion of Highway N be named “Boynton Road”. 
  • The eastern portion of N Highway connecting to Y Highway be named “Red Pump Road”. 
  • A new road to be constructed, currently known as the Mid-lake Crossing, and connects to VV to B Highway in the east be named “Heritage Byway”.

It is believed the southern-most road and the northern-most road begin to introduce visitors to the notion of preserving the heritage of the area and the legacy of those who worked to make ELCR a reality.

On December 14th, the Sullivan County Commission gave final approval to the name change recommendations made by the NCMRWC and expressed support for the naming convention.  The actual date for the name changes has not been determined yet. 

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