2022 Missouri Agribusiness Academy participants announced

Missouri Agribusiness Academy
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The Missouri Department of Agriculture has selected 30 high school sophomores to participate in the 2022 Missouri Agribusiness Academy. Selected students will spend a week in June in Kansas City exploring careers in agriculture, building leadership skills, and learning more about farming, ranching, and food production.

“Investing in the future generation of agriculture is important and MAbA is a great way to do that,” said Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn. “I’m proud of each of these students and the accomplishments they’ve already achieved as leaders. We hope MAbA is an opportunity for each of them to explore new avenues and find their future in an agriculture career.”

Since 1988, the Missouri Agribusiness Academy has awarded academy opportunities through a competitive application and interview process for high school sophomores interested in pursuing agriculture-related college degrees and careers.

Students selected for the 2022 class are:


Northeast District

  • Image of Bailey Schneider

    Bailey Schneider
    Warrenton, MO

  • Image of Nicole Benne

    Nicole Benne
    Warrenton, MO

  • Image of Mikaela Rojas

    Mikaela Rojas
    New Boston, MO

  • Image of Shelby Lewis

    Shelby Lewis
    Centralia, MO

  • Image of Grant Oaks

    Grant Oaks
    Harris, MO

Central District

  • Image of Dayton Hoffman

    Dayton Hoffman
    Archie, MO

  • Image of Chase Schlup

    Chase Schlup
    California, MO

  • Image of Case Melzer

    Case Melzer
    Harrisonville, MO

  • Image of Ryley Wood

    Ryley Wood
    Harrisonville, MO

  • Image of Annika Riekhof

    Annika Riekhof
    Higginsville, MO

Southeast District

  • Image of Leah Thompson

    Leah Thompson
    Fredericktown, MO

  • Image of Gavin Graham

    Gavin Graham
    Farmington, MO

  • Image of Ty Bollinger

    Ty Bollinger
    Jackson, MO

  • Image of Josey Meier

    Josey Meier
    Jackson, MO

  • Image of Alex Porter

    Alex Porter
    Dexter, MO

Southwest District

  • Image of Macy Stauffer

    Macy Stauffer
    El Dorado Springs, MO

  • Image of Kallie Cloud

    Kallie Cloud
    Carthage, MO

  • Image of Emma Robinson

    Emma Robinson
    Republic, MO

  • Image of Abigail Blakemore

    Abigail Blakemore
    Aldrich, MO

  • Image of Maelyn Wright

    Maelyn Wright
    Neosho, MO

South Central District

  • Image of Hailey White

    Hailey White
    Union, MO

  • Image of Benjamin Veasman

    Benjamin Veasman
    Brinktown, MO

  • Image of Alexa Hall

    Alexa Hall
    Dixon, MO

  • Image of Allison Boedges

    Allison Boedges
    Hermann, MO

  • Image of Maria Vedder

    Maria Vedder
    New Haven, MO

Northwest District

  • Image of Gabriel Derks

    Gabriel Derks
    King City, MO

  • Image of Gavin Rhode

    Gavin Rhode
    Stewartsville, MO

  • Image of Ella Fischer

    Ella Fischer
    St. Joseph, MO

  • Image of Delaney Davies

    Delaney Davies
    Dawn, MO

  • Image of Payton Rodgers

    Payton Rodgers
    Savannah, MO

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