2 receive prison time in Missouri Department of Corrections

Court News

Among cases Thursday in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Sharmyn LeAnne Ceradsky of Trenton saw her probation revoked, execution of sentence set aside, and she was ordered to a previously imposed seven-year term with the Department of Corrections on an original charge of second-degree burglary.

Heather Renae McPherson of Trenton also saw her probation revoked, execution of sentence was set aside, and she was committed to the Department of Corrections for a four-year term. Her original charge was felony non-support of a minor.

Imposition of sentence was suspended for Janice Sue Wynne of Trenton and she was placed on five years probation for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Nicholas Keith Martin of Trenton also was placed on five years probation after the imposition of sentence was suspended. His original charge is second-degree burglary.

A resident of Brookline Station in southwest Missouri, Steven Lucas Clark, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge: misdemeanor non-support of a minor. Clark was placed on court-supervised probation for two years.

Trenton resident Samuel Jacob Southers pled guilty to unlawful use of a weapon and two drug charges with sentencing set for July 13. Two other counts were dismissed.

The court scheduled jury trials to begin December 5 for Thomas Blake Dalton of Galt who is charged with child molestation in first-degree and Colby Weaver of Trenton who faces two counts of sexual misconduct or attempt involving a child under age 15.

Following hearings yesterday, probations were continued for some defendants but additional conditions were imposed.

Taya Cheyanne Sternquist was given a court order detention sentence with the court retaining jurisdiction for 120 days. Her original charges are possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.

Bobby Morgans the second of Trenton has additional conditions on a drug-related count.

Samuel Edward Anders Junior, with an original charge of possession of a controlled substance, also was given additional conditions on his probation.

As a recommendation for continuing probation, the court set payments of $165 a month on each of two defendants who previously pled guilty to five counts of receiving stolen property.

The court was advised that both Patrick Michael Graves and Kimberly June Miller-Graves owe $2,717 in restitution. Court hearings are scheduled for September 7.