Unusual incident in Chillicothe on Halloween results in arrest

Handcuffs and Key with Arrest graphic
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Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has released information about an incident the night of October 31, 2021, which resulted in a man being taken into custody.

Cox reports Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter and K-9 Zaki were leaving the sheriff’s office side of the law enforcement center in Chillicothe when the deputy observed a person wearing a ghillie suit and acting strangely. The deputy checked the person and reportedly learned the man was planning to hide next to the LEC to scare a police officer.

Cox notes the man has a history of disliking the police department and being aggressive when consuming alcohol and/or drugs. The man allegedly tried to get to Zaki even when instructed multiple times to not approach the K-9 and to stop what he was doing. Cox says the man communicated something about not being worried as the police cannot shoot well. The man allegedly again approached Leadbetter and attempted to get to Zaki.

The man was taken into custody on 12-hour self-protection due to his level of intoxication. The sheriff’s office is submitting an incident report to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.

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