Trenton Building and Nuisance Board learns two properties of concern are in the process of being sold

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board learned Monday evening that two properties of concern are in the process of being sold.

The Walden Apartments at 1010 Avalon Street have Connie Lasher as the general manager representing Action Management and Consulting Services LLC. In an e-mail to the city, she wrote Walden Apartments is being purchased by Housing and Tax Consultants LLC. A letter of intent is to be provided to the city. According to Lasher, the new owner intends to do a full rehabilitation inside and out while following guidelines of the original source of funds: the U-S Department of Agriculture, Rural Development. The proposed sale is pending Rural Development approval.

The Building and Nuisance Board held a public hearing Monday evening regarding the condition of four of the apartments. A longtime board member, Doctor John Holcomb, reported the original intent of Walden Apartments in the mid-1970s was to be residences for senior citizens, but he stated that is no longer the case. Since the apartments are not serving the purpose for which they were intended, Holcomb said he, and the other board member, Steve Maxey report their “passion for the project is gone.” Holcomb said he supports the sale and would like to see the property, as he put it, viable again. The apartments in question have had fire damage and a tree has fallen on them. Building Inspector Wes Barone plans to send a letter to the new owner describing the cleanup work the city wants done. 1010 Avalon was moved to “findings of fact.”

Building and Nuisance Board Chairman Dave Mlika reported the former Lakeview Inn and Motel is in the process of being sold to the owner of Dino’s Restaurant at Trenton. John Lee was the owner when the Lakeview burned several years ago and never re-opened. The board has been concerned with holes in the Lakeview parking lot and requested work be done to improve safety there. One of the holes was described as five feet deep. Barone said the holes will need to be filled in before he’d recommend releasing the property from Building and Nuisance Board oversight.  Mlika indicated he believes Dino plans to use the north motel units for housing.

A fire-damaged house and garage at 503 East 22nd Street was declared a nuisance. The owner is Morse and Sons of Trenton.

A house at 601 East 19th, reportedly with tin being used to cover windows, was advanced to public hearing. The owner is John Berry and the late Charlotte Berry. 

A property at 513 East 9th Court, owned by Erma Newton, advances to Findings of Fact.

Sixty days extensions were granted to 1514 Mable Street, owned by Jon and Barbara Phillips as well as to 16-14 Mable owned by Kathy Reeder and William Gott.

Seven members of the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board attended the meeting.

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