Ten year old from Gower struck by vehicle in school parking lot

Accident-Crash graphic
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The Highway Patrol reports a ten-year-old boy from Gower was taken to the hospital after he was struck by a vehicle on school property.

The state patrol listed injuries for the juvenile as minor, who was taken by emergency medical services to Mosiac Life Care in St. Joseph.

A pickup was westbound in the school parking lot at Gower while the young boy was leaving school and walking across the lot. The youth struck the right front of the pickup, with a tire running over the boys’ foot.

The pickup driver was listed by the patrol as 39-year-old Steven Kline of Agency. The private property accident happened at 100 Smith Street in Gower in Clinton County.

Assistance was provided by Gower Police, Gower Fire and Rescue, and Tri-County EMS.

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