Recent rainfall in Trenton turns deficit into a surplus

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Trenton’s most recent rain has boosted this month’s total to 8-3/4 inches at the water plant in west Trenton where official readings are taken for the National Weather Service.

According to Glen Briggs of Grundy County Emergency Management, this is the second greatest amount of rain in October for Trenton since 1895 when there was 9.9 inches according to historical records.

According to weather statistics rainfall this month at the Barton Campus, at the southeast edge of Trenton, has received 8.07 inches. Rainfall this week in Trenton has added up to 6 inches as of Friday morning, October 29, 2021. Two 24 hour rainfall records have been set including, 3.08 inches for Sunday morning and 1.57 inches for Thursday morning.

A resident of Tindall reports he has received 8-1/2 inches this week.

Rainfall for the last two days in Trenton shows the government location, at the west edge of town, receiving 2.4 inches, the Barton Campus southeast of Trenton has 2.35 inches and downtown Trenton, at the KTTN studios has received 1.54 inches.

Rainfall in October of 2021 is the most in any calendar month for Trenton since 15 inches was noted in May of 2019.

As recent as ten days ago on October 20, Trenton had a year-to-date moisture deficit of three-fourths of an inch. Rain this week has turned the deficit into a surplus, which as of Friday morning, was 4-1/3 inches above normal. October’s rainfall average is 3.18 inches.

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