Rainfall reaches almost 9 inches during October in Trenton

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The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, entering October, said there was a good chance temperatures and precipitation in this area would average above normal for the month. That prediction turned out to be accurate.

Rainfall in Trenton totaled 8.78 inches at the water plant where readings are taken. The North Central Missouri College Barton Farm Campus received 8.07 inches. The precipitation at the water plant was the most October rainfall in Trenton in records kept by KTTN since 1963. The University of Missouri has monthly precipitation records for Trenton dating back to 1918. During that time, the only October with more moisture in Trenton was in 1941 with 9.91 inches.

The average precipitation in Trenton during October is 3.18 inches, so this year, Trenton was 5.6 inches above normal for the month.

There was measurable rainfall at the water plant on 15 of the 31 days, including two daily records. The records were 3.08 inches in the 24 hours ending at 7 o’clock the morning of October 24 and 1.57 inches in the 24 hours ending at 7 o’clock the morning of October 28. Although it was not a record, there were 1.56 inches in the 24 hours ending at 7 the morning of October 11. This is the third time in the past five years in which October moisture in Trenton exceeded six inches. There were 8.24 inches in 2018, and 6.81 inches in 2017. Going back a little further, there were 7.01 inches of precipitation in October of 2009.

Temperatures during October in Trenton averaged nearly two degrees above normal on highs and six-and-one degrees above normal on lows. Highs averaged nearly 68 degrees with lows averaging nearly 52 degrees. The warmest temperature was 85 degrees on October 8. There was one other high temperature in the 80s during October which was 81 degrees on October 10. Highs reached the 70s on 14 days in October.

The coolest temperature last month was 39 on October 26, meaning Trenton has gone several days past the average date for the first freeze in the fall. The National Weather Service says the average first freeze date for the Trenton area is October 17.

Looking ahead to November, the climate prediction center is not taking a stand on how this area may fare regarding temperatures and precipitation. The weather service is giving equal chances for above, below, or near-normal conditions.

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