Missouri State Auditor releases audit results of Greene County Collector

Audit Graphic

State Auditor Nicole Galloway released an audit of the Greene County Collector. Missouri law requires an audit to be performed when a vacancy occurs in a county collector’s office. The previous collector resigned from the office in February and a new collector was appointed on March 1.

The audit, which gave the office a rating of “good,” made one recommendation related to the preparation and mailing of personal property tax statements. Auditors found that a new personal property assessment system implemented in January 2020 did not correctly transfer assessed valuations for personal property to the property tax billing and collection system used by the County Clerk and County Collector’s offices. As a result, county officials could not prepare accurate personal property tax statements to mail to taxpayers by November 30, 2020.

County officials worked with the assessment system’s vendor to correct the issue and personal property assessments were accurately transferred to the property tax billing and collection system in December 2020. County officials then prepared and mailed the majority of the statements in December 2020. Still, some taxpayers notified the County Collector that they received inaccurate statements or did not receive statements at all. County officials eventually corrected these issues and mailed new statements to affected taxpayers in January 2021 and extended the deadline for payment for all taxpayers to February 28, 2021.

The audit recommends that the new County Collector works with the County Commission, County Assessor, and County Clerk to ensure accurate personal property tax statements are prepared and mailed in compliance with state law.

A complete copy of the audit report can be found here.

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