Missouri Day officials announce results of Baby Show

Baby Show Graphic

Results have been released from the Missouri Day Baby Show held on Friday, October 15.

First place for Little Mister and Little Miss Missouri Day were Zavier Odor and Realynn Yarbrough. The Little Mister and Little Miss Missouri Day contestants were four and five years old.

Other boys receiving first place were Leo Moseley for zero to three months, Waylon Ryleman for three through six months, Liam Slabaugh for six through 12 months, Kade Smith for 12 to 24 months, and Carson Rosebrook for two and three-year-olds.

Girls receiving first place in the Missouri Day Baby Show included Olivia Thomas for zero to three months, Adalyn Coffman for six to nine months, Lucy Grieme in nine through 12 months, and Zabella Jones for 12 to 24 months. There were two groups for two and three-year-old girls. The winner of the first group was Bentley Thomas, and the winner of the second group was Ellie Jo.

Full results of the Baby Show are listed below:




  1. Olivia Thomas 
  2. Lylah Quigley


  1. Adalyn Coffman
  2. Victoria Pettit
  3. Sophia Reynolds 


  1. Lucy Grieme
  2. Kayzlee Newman
  3. June McAdams


  1. Zabella Jones
  2. Lynlee Terry
  3. Blakely Ayers

2-3 year (1st group)

  1. Bentley Thomas
  2. Ella Waterman
  3. Rilyann Hoffman

(2nd group)

  1. Ellie Jo
  2. Aurora Udovich
  3. Lucy Adams

4-5 Little Miss

  1. Realynn Yarbrough
  2. Scotlin Ishmael
  3. Aria Wilson



  1. Leo Moseley
  2. Hephaestus Jones


  1. Waylon Ryleman
  2. Clayton Rosebrook 


  1. Liam Slabaugh
  2. Elijah Ishmael
  3. Zeppelin Preston


  1. Kade Smith 
  2. Tyrone Johnson
  3. Casey Brenner

2-3 year

  1. Carson Rosebrook
  2. Kaiden McAdams
  3. Riot Bunnell

4-5 Little Mr

  1. Xavier Odor
  2. Havoc Hobbs
  3. Wally Griemes 


Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash