Judge sets aside conviction: After 43-years in prison, Kevin Strickland is a free man

After spending  43-years in prison, a Kansas City man convicted of a triple murder is a free man.



Judge James Welsh concluded that prosecutors met the burden of providing convincing evidence that undermines Strickland’s conviction in the 1978 murder of three people. The judge also pointed out that there was no physical evidence that connected Strickland to the murders and that he was convinced solely on eyewitness testimony. That eyewitness later recanted her statements and said she misidentified Strickland. Two other men convicted in the murders also testified that Strickland was not part of the crime.

In a statement on Twitter, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said, “Earlier this year, I signed SB 53, which created a judicial procedure for prosecuting attorneys to use, in cases like this one, where the prosecutor believes that there was a miscarriage of justice and a wrongful conviction was entered.

“The Court has made its decision, we respect the decision, and the Department of Corrections will proceed with Mr. Strickland’s release immediately.”

Both Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, and Missouri Attorney General opposed Strickland’s release.