Helpful holiday safety tips from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department

Holiday Safety TIps

Christmas and the New Year are almost here and everyone at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department wants you to have the best time ever. They also want you to be safe and think ahead.

Sheriff Cox and his staff ask you to consider the following:

Traffic safety is a priority. The highways will be jammed with many people traveling and in a hurry to reach their destination. Unfortunately many will disregard speed limits, remain on their electronic devices or ingest alcohol, drugs, or both and risk everyone’s life on or near the roadways. Unfortunately, there will be serious injuries and death on the roads across the country due to traffic crashes.

Social Media is a great thing to show off your photos, new gifts, trips, or decorations; however for personal things Social Media is often best used after the fact to share where you have been instead of where you are going. Meaning criminals like to see when you and your family and even the dog will be gone. Consider the background in all your photos, do not give everyone else the tip of what you have, where you have it, and when you will not be home. Too many people across the country will return from holiday celebrations to find their home or business broken into and items missing. If you share this information AFTER the fact, it takes the advantage away from the criminals and keeps you that much safer. Some groups look for opportunities and want to minimize their risks of being caught.

Remember not everyone you meet at an outing, bar, or party wants to be your friend. Some creeps utilize date rape drugs (yes, even in small-town USA) or do other things to take advantage of you. Sheriff Cos would rather you read this 100 times over, versus sharing very private and horrible information with law enforcement or emergency medical staff of how you became a victim.

Sheriff Cox and his staff want you to make life-long positive and wonderful memories with your family, friends, and other loved ones. Celebrate the reason for the season and give credit where credit is due.

Feel safer knowing that the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department is staffed with a great group of well-trained deputy sheriffs who will be out in force 24/7 looking for those who need their attention. Sheriff Cox and staff say they will gladly help with a change of address to anyone wanting to harm others, break into homes or businesses, and even meet those who are endangering everyone on the roadways.

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