Gallatin Board of Aldermen approve ordinances, choose not to adjust sewer charges for additional water usage

Gallatin City Hall

The Gallatin Board of Aldermen on October 25, 2021, approved two ordinances, which amended the city code and entered into a contract.

A section of the city code was amended relating to alcoholic beverages. It now says “all opening and closing days and hours for a license issued…shall be in accordance with the provisions of State law governing such license.”

The contract was with John W. Gillum, CPA, LLC for audit services for the city audit of the year ending December 31, 2021.

The board chose not to adjust sewer charges for the additional water usage in September due to a hot water heater issue in which the water was still making its way into the city’s water system.

The board agreed to wait closer to the end of the year to decide how to fund the new advanced metering infrastructure system.

It was also agreed the board would see what grant money is received before making any decisions to spend the capital improvement funds on the 2400 electric system or water and sewer upgrades.

City Clerk Hattie Rains provided a monthly report for the electric interfund transfer calculations. The budgeted eight percent monthly interfund transfer was not completed every month due to a negative electric cash fund. The electric fund is now able to transfer the interfund difference because of the electric rate increase effective July 1st. The board approved the eight percent calculated difference as of October 22 for $69,463.28.

Alderman Steve Evans led a discussion on considering taking out certificates of deposit from the water/sewer funds at the last meeting. City Clerk Rains requested a dollar amount to get appropriate bids from local banks. The board agreed for Administrator Lance Rains to collect bids for $500,000 for six months.

There was also a discussion on the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System program. Administrator Rains provided the board with the requested actuarial service calculations for LAGERS from Gabriel, Roeder, Smith, and Company. The board requested Rains schedule a phone call with the administrator from Albany for a better understanding of how LAGERS has changed over the years.

Jeff Arp with the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association presented grant awards for a pole saw and AED. The grant amount received for the pole saw was $179.55, and the amount for the AED was $1,048.58.

Police Chief Richards discussed applying for the Daviess County American Rescue Plan Act Grant funding for upgrading to the Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network radio system. The board told Richards to apply for the funds.

Public Works Director Mark Morey reported Derrick Fee with Red Rock plans to start cleaning out the old water plant backwash basin soon.

People Service has started spreading sludge from the sewer plant. Crews hope to start spreading lime from the new water plant in the coming weeks since crop fields are becoming available.

The fire hydrant replacement at the sewer plant is complete.

Morey said crews ran into more problems with the sewer plant mix liquor basin. The variable-frequency drive has been installed, but the lift broke in removing the old aerator, which caused more problems. Morey anticipates the mix liquor basin will need to be drained again to ensure parts of the old aerator are not left in the bottom of the basin.

Irvinbilt started moving equipment into the sewer plant and will start on the demolition of the clarifier.

The electric department has been trimming trees around Gallatin.

Crews will start winterizing the pool, park, and other buildings next week.

Administrator Rains submitted a report of what grants have been funded since he started working for the city and the dollar amounts associated. The total approved grant percentage split is 79/21 and totaled $1,070,437.15 of grant funding, with a city cash match of $240,370.90. There have been $1,310,812.49 of project dollars funded since February 19th, 2019 with $593,346.48 pending.

The board discussed funds for the 2022 budget, including band, cemetery, city council, swimming pool, and police.

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