Five area health departments report on COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus News Graphic

The Livingston County Health Center reports an additional COVID-19-related death, bringing the deaths to 79 total. Eighteen cases were also added since November 29th’s update, making that total 2,435. There are 36 active cases.

The Sullivan County Health Department confirms five additional COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 1,302. There are 13 active cases.As of November 29th, 39.3% of the Sullivan County population was fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Two confirmed COVID-19 cases have been added in Mercer County since November 29th. The health department reports 250 confirmed cases and 276 probable cases. There are nine active cases and 12 COVID-19-related deaths for Mercer County.

Fifty-eight COVID-19 cases have been added in Daviess County since November 17th. The health department reports a total of 1,107 cases. Of the 42 active cases, 12 involved residents at least 60 years old, 11 involved those 20 to 39, 10 involved those 19 or younger, and nine involved residents 40 to 59. Eight of the active cases were fully vaccinated. There are three current COVID-19-related hospitalizations and 20 deaths for Daviess County. The county’s vaccination rate is 33.2%.

COVID-19 cases increased by 16 in Linn County since November 23rd. The health department reports 1,966 total cases, and 21 are active. There are six current COVID-19-related hospitalizations for Linn County.