Audio: Festival of Trees set for November 27 at Trenton Rock Barn

Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees will be held in Trenton next month as a fundraiser for The Gifted Group, a self-advocacy group for individuals with special needs.

The event will be held at the Rock Barn on November 27, 2021.  A parade will begin at 5:30 with Christmas items on view from 6 to 7 p.m. before they are auctioned. The items can include trees and wreaths.

Deanna McCarter is a volunteer for The Gifted Group and a parent of a member. She says there will be other activities in the Rock Barn for the Festival of Trees as well.



Anyone who wants to donate a Christmas item for the event on November 27, 2021, should contact The Gifted Group Advisor Brenda Thorne at 660-654-0218 or McCarter at 660-654-2422. Judie Leininger, who is another volunteer and parent of a member of The Gifted Group, can also be contacted at 660-359-5123.