Chillicothe Fire Department responds to 101 Jackson Street

House Fire

The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Tuesday morning, October 19. Captain Tracy Bradley reports that, upon arrival to the residence at 101 Jackson Street at approximately 6:30 a.m., firefighters found heavy smoke coming from the roof and eves.

Utilities were shut off, and firefighters found fire in a bedroom on the west side of the home. A dog ran out of the home as crews made entry, and fire was located in the bathroom and bedroom area.  Bradley says ventilation was about to be performed when it was noticed the west side of the roof was starting to bow in. Firefighters began ventilation on the east side of the house and removed the attic vent covers on the north side.

Fire was found in the attic, but firefighters were unable to access it.  Access to the attic was located in a bedroom, and insulation was removed to gain access. A water and foam mixture was used to extinguish the fire.

The resident, listed as Lindsay Regan, said she woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and noticed she did not have electricity. The resident contacted a friend to check on things, but the friend was unable to locate the problem.

The resident reportedly left for work at 5 a.m., but neighbors said they smelled smoke from somewhere at 2:30 a.m. The neighbors began looking around their house, but they were unable to locate anything.

The Red Cross was contacted to help the resident find a place to stay. The owner of the house is listed as Tammy Lee.

The Chillicothe Fire Department was at the scene for approximately one and a half hours.