Audio: Thanksgiving day meal orders decline by approximately 400 at Coon Creek Baptist Church

Coon Creek Baptist Church

More than 600 meals are expected to be delivered or picked up for the Thanksgiving Dinner provided by Union Coon Creek Baptist Church west of Trenton. According to the pastor’s wife, Dianna Crawford, she says that number is a little lower than usual as approximately 1,000 meals were delivered or picked up last year.

Volunteers have been at the church each day this week around 5 o’clock in the morning to prepare for the upcoming holiday.



Crawford notes there are some new volunteers, including drivers for the routes and for other tasks on November 25th.



Crawford welcomes more volunteers who would be welcome at Coon Creek Baptist Church on November 25th at 4:30 in the morning to help set up cookers and put items in ovens. Volunteers could arrive at 7:30 or 8:30 in the morning to help with dishes, put away items, and restock.

She says there are enough drivers. Drivers will meet at the church at 9 o’clock for devotion and prayer before leaving on routes. It is hoped all meals will be delivered by noon. Meals will be delivered to individuals in Trenton, Jamesport, Gallatin, Chillicothe, and Laredo.

Someone is to watch for vehicles picking up meals at the church, and meals can be brought to the vehicles. However, Crawford says people can get out of their vehicles to pick up meals if they wish. Meals can be picked up starting at 10:30.

Meal reservations for the Union Coon Creek Baptist Church’s Thanksgiving Dinner were due by November 22nd.

Anyone wanting to volunteer is encouraged to contact Crawford, but volunteers can also show up on the morning of November 25th. Crawford can be contacted by calling 660-635-0760 or the church at 660-789-2236.