Audio: It’s that time of year, so be on alert for holiday scammers

Scam Alert News Graphic

With all the distractions during this season of giving, the IRS is reminding us to keep a close eye on our gift list because scammers may use your generosity to rip you off.



There are more than 30, 000 nonprofit organizations here in Missouri…plenty of choices…but be careful. Scammers sometimes appear to be legitimate, even setting up fake charities, to get your attention, money, and private personal information.

Don’t ever let a caller pressure you over the phone and resist impulse decisions to donate especially if It’s a person knocking at your door.

Be careful about how your donation is made. You should not work with charities that ask for donations by giving numbers from a credit or gift card and never wire money to a so-called charity, that’s probably a scam.



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