Gallatin City Council Meets

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The city of Gallatin has received an invoice listing the cost of the state audit that had been requested by citizens’ petition.

At a meeting Monday night, the council discussed budget adjustments and requested an ordinance allowing members to approve the expenditure of 40 thousand, 435 dollars. City Clerk, Hattie Bailey, announced the self insurance CD that is no longer needed has been deposited to the general fund to help pay the cost of the audit.

Additionally, she will transfer money out of the sales tax revenue account to cover

the remaining amount of the state invoice.

City Administrator Tony Stonecypher updated the council on state audit recommendations. This includes completion of paperwork to separate the utility

fund into an electric fund and a combined water and sewer fund. Two new cash accounts were also created to record electric and water deposits separately.

Gallatin aldermen led a discussion about the budget and possible projects that can be done to reduce electric costs. Discussion also was held as to when and how often budget amendments will be reviewed and approved.

The council held a net metering ordinance discussion for solar, wind, and hydro energy sources. Stonecypher is to do more research regarding meter fees and provide the information at the next meeting.

Stonecypher announced final approval of bids to be sought for the new water plant in Gallatin. The U-S department of agriculture is to review bid specs. Snyder and Associates engineering firm expects no more than a 40 day period to advertise for construction bids.

The council accepted the low bid for purchase of a six foot tall, seven foot long, aluminum trench box. That item is be purchased from Iron Lot Heavy Equipment for 55 hundred 45 dollars. Delivery is in three to four weeks.

Gallatin previously was awarded a grant for up to 75 hundred dollars for a trench box with the city covering 25 percent of the cost.

The council requested bids for a tractor with the amount not to exceed 42 thousand dollars budgeted for the expenditure. After discussing street repairs, the council requesting bids for proposed improvements to Clay, Mill, and East Grand Streets in Gallatin. A pothole issue on West Grand is to be addressed by the public works director.

A sample ordinance on snow removal was tabled until a meeting in the fall.

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Randall Mann

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