12-year-old girl hurt in crash south of Chillicothe

SUV Accident

A Warrensburg girl was hurt Saturday afternoon south of Chillicothe when the sports utility vehicle she was a passenger in was hit from behind by another SUV.

12-year old Breanna Caley of Warrensburg was taken to Hedrick Medical Center in Chillicothe with minor injuries.

Miss Caley was a passenger in an SUV driven by 26-year old Charles Caley of Warrensburg who was not reported hurt. The driver of the other SUV, 17-year old Joshua Rich of Bogard also was not reported hurt.

The accident happened eleven miles south of Chillicothe on Highway 65 as both vehicles were southbound and slowing for another southbound vehicle that was turning left. Rich attempted to pass the Caley vehicle but Rich’s SUV hit the left rear of Caley’s vehicle. Both vehicles were driven to a controlled stop on the right shoulder.

All three occupants were wearing seatbelts.