Video Report: Woman kills daughter with crucifix in Oklahoma

Juanita Gomez

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KOCO/CNN) – Frankie Merlos described the moment he saw his girlfriend of five years, Geneva Gomez, lifeless inside her mother’s home Saturday.

“She’s just lying there with her arms out. Her face was like, I couldn’t even recognize it,” Merlos said.

Police say Juanita Gomez forced a crucifix down her daughter Geneva’s throat and watched her die.

Court documents show Juanita Gomez attacked her 33-year-old daughter because she was “possessed by the devil.”

“She kept mumbling ‘devil’ and ‘money,’” said Merlos, who said the mother and daughter had appeared to get along, only fighting occasionally, before the incident.

Merlos said Juanita Gomez also tried to prevent him from leaving or calling police.

“I just shoved her, pushed her out of the way so I could run, and then she tried to, like, choke me,” Merlos said. “I ran to the car, and locked the car, and called 911.”

He said his future with Geneva Gomez, whom he planned to marry, is destroyed, and that he just wants answers.

“The doesn’t make no sense at all,” he said.