Video Report: Medical records for 238 Children’s Mercy Hospital patients stolen

Children's Mercy Hospital

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Medical records for 238 patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital were stolen from a locked vehicle earlier this month. 

The hospital sent letters to the families notifying them of what happened.

According to Children’s Mercy, “limited information” was stolen from the trunk of an employee’s locked car. 

Information not contained in the files include Social Security numbers, financial information or any addresses. 

The hospital says it’s taking steps to prevent something like this from happening again. 

Statement from the hospital: 

“We have notified the affected families to let them know that limited information was stolen from the trunk of an employee’s locked car. This information does not include addresses, social security numbers or any of the families’ financial information. The locked, hard-sided case contained information about 238 patients. Once we were able to identify, recreate and verify the contents of the stolen case, all of the families were notified. We are very sensitive to these families’ concerns and have apologized to them. We are working to take all practicable steps to resolve this situation, including making identity protection services available to the families.”

The theft left one parent especially frustrated. 

Carrie Hopkins’ six-year-old son uses video games as an outlet for numerous behavior and neurological disorders. 

Hopkins said the name, birthdate, phone number, medical record, account number and diagnosis were included in the records stolen by the thief. 

“They have all his information,” she said. 

The theft happened on August 4 and the families found out 26 days later . 

Hopkins believes now that a month has passed, it might be too late. On Aug. 8, she found out her son’s Medicaid coverage has been dropped. 

“He’s missed three appointments so far,” she said. 

The family is trying to determine if the loss of coverage is linked to the theft. She says Children’s Mercy Hospital and Medicaid are investigating the situation. 

Children’s Mercy says no Social Security numbers were stolen, but they are going to make identity protection services available to all of the families impacted by the theft.