Video Report: Couple said dog killed, car vandalized over Clinton sign

Couple said dog killed, car vandalized over Clinton sign

RICHARDSON, TX (KTRK/CNN) – A couple said they are under attack in their own community.

First, their car was vandalized, they said. Now their dog is dead. They blame it on a political sign that was in their front yard.

Anyone who lives in the neighborhood knows who Matt Steadman and his wife support for the president.

“Hillary Clinton, I’m with her,” Steadman said.

It didn’t surprise the couple when three separate signs were stolen almost as fast as they appeared.

Last week, an ominous note left under the doormat, “and it said Hillary for Prison 2016,” he said. The next day, the family’s SUV was vandalized to the point an auto shop says it’s unrepairable.

“(I) smelled the inside of my gas tank and there was a bleach,” Steadman said. 

On Sunday, the Steadmans’ 2-year-old shepherd mix named Abby got sick.

“She started trembling and she started shaking. (I) called Beth around 4 and said, ‘I think something’s wrong with Abby,'” Steadman said.

Abby died Tuesday, and a vet told the family it was caused by ingesting a neurotoxin. Did the same person who stole the signs also poison the dog and ruin a new car?

“No other reason, I mean, this is our front yard, and we don’t have any enemies,” Steadman said. “We’re not the enemy type.”

Police have visited the family but said there is no official investigation. The Clinton supporters have another sign someone donated but will keep it inside.

“For now, I’m just going to kind of let the waters settle,” Steadman said.

The couple doesn’t expect to ever know if the series of misfortunes were connected to the signs. They are hopeful someone who knows something will come forward with information and report it to police.