Video Report: Body of missing Arkansas woman found in flooded Missouri

Ginger Myers

BUTLER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) – The car and body of a woman missing in the flooding in Butler County, Missouri were found on Friday, August 19.

Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs said the car was found submerged near Highway 53 on County Road 647 in Butler County near the Hargrove Bridge.

The sheriff said the family found the car, with the help of a citizen, around 3 p.m.

Ginger Myers’ daughter said they were out looking for her and found the car.

Myers’ family said her body was in the car and she was still wearing her seatbelt.

Obviously, this is a tragic time, but the family wanted to thank everyone for their support and prayers. They plan on releasing a statement soon.

The 44-year-old Myers called 911 on Tuesday saying she was trapped in a car that was filling with water.

Myers was from Arkansas and crews had been searching for the past couple of days.

According to Robbie Myers with the Butler County EMA, the sheriff’s department and highway patrol were searching by boat and road on Thursday.

On Thursday, he said as the water goes down it will rule out locations. They could then access more and Highway 53 reopened.

Sheriff Dobbs said Thursday’s search did not yield any new information. He said due to weather, they were unable to use aircraft to search but hoped to do so on Friday.

They were looking through ditches and creeks. Dogs had not been used, and Dobbs said they are not used in this kind of search. 

On Wednesday, the Missouri State Highway Patrol used their helicopter in the search efforts, but they didn’t find anything. From the helicopter, they were able to see the levees and the water receding.

Officials say the 911 call came into Stoddard County, as the woman on the line said she was trapped in water in her vehicle and that it was filling up.

A short time later, the call cut out.

MSHP began their search on Tuesday and continued searching on Wednesday along Highway 53 in Butler County.

Sgt. Clark Parrott with the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the woman’s family has not heard from her since Tuesday night.

Officials said they searched using boats. Crews used long sticks to feel through ditches and waterways.

The difficulty the teams were dealing with was where the car was located. If it was swept away, they may not be able to find it until water levels recede even farther.

One neighbor in the area said when waters get high in the area, he’s seen cars go under water.

“I know there’s been a lot of cars washed away right in this area off of the road, you know, through high water,” farmer Steven Morse said. “This is where it gets so swift. The water’s not that deep, but the current itself will wash you away.”

Butler County has seen a lot of flooding with the recent heavy rain.

Morse said he is surprised by how much flooding they have seen recently.

“This is very unusual for August,” Steven Morse said. “We’ve seen it crossed here several times back in the spring, early spring and stuff, but not in August.”

Morse said the water is receding and he is hoping things dry out soon.