Video: Ames, Iowa firefighters revive cat caught in house fire

Iowa firefighters revive cat caught in house fire

AMES, Iowa (UPI) — Firefighters in Iowa helped save the life of a cat, which had become unresponsive after being trapped in a burning building.

Ames Fire Department shared photos and video as they used a special pet revival mask to resuscitate Cleo the cat after she was trapped in a house fire.

“The crew of Truck 3 rescued Cleo out of the basement of the house on fire, unresponsive and not breathing. The crew worked tirelessly for over 30 minutes to bring her back to life,” they wrote.

One firefighter held the mask up to the unresponsive calico cat as another gently stroked her back until she regained consciousness and began to meow.

The Ames Police Department transported Cleo to the Iowa State University Vet Med where she has since regained full neurological function while continuing to be treated for respiratory issues.