Thieving raccoon runs off with college student’s cellphone

Thieving raccoon runs off with college student's cellphone

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 12 (UPI) — A Kentucky college student paid the price for getting too close to a raccoon when the animal snatched his cellphone.

Video shared by Bellarmine University student Guy Williams shows the wily raccoon running off with the phone in its teeth as he attempted to film the furry thief.

The raccoon’s feet can be seen scurrying away from a distraught Williams as he shouted out “Stanley,” a name he had given the raccoon just minutes before.

“Had to chase it for 5 minutes and I had named it Stanley like minutes before this happened so that is why I was yelling that,” Williams said.

Williams later confirmed neither his phone nor the raccoon were harmed during the encounter as he managed to devise a more peaceful way to reclaim his stolen property.

“For all those curious, ‘Stanley’ finally dropped it after we started calling my phone,” he said.