Livingston County Courthouse

Livingston County Commission to attend meetings

The Livingston County Commission will attend several upcoming meetings. The commission will attend the Chillicothe Township meeting at the FCS meeting room at 2880 North Washington Street in Chillicothe February 15 at 6:30, the 2017 Salute to Agriculture at the Jenkins Expo Center Friday morning from 6:30 to 8 o’clock, a meeting for the Second […]

Chillicothe Police Department

Charges Filed: Teen named in arrest at Chillicothe

The Chillicothe Police Department reports the arrest of a Chillicothe man charged with three felony counts of stealing a firearm, explosive weapon, or ammonium nitrate and one felony count of stealing of $750 or more. Eighteen-year-old Levi Terrell was arrested Sunday as the result of a covert operation in the area where criminal activity was […]

Chillicothe Police Department

Chillicothe police make Sunday arrest, clear 13 cases

Over the past three weeks, Chillicothe Police officers have responded to, and taken multiple stolen property reports in which items were removed from what was believed to be unlocked motor vehicles. During the investigation, items reported stolen included money, firearms, and jewelry. During the investigation, items reported stolen included money, firearms, and jewelry and as […]

Chillicothe Police Department

Chillicothe Police Department reports several arrests

Officers arrested Cody Whiteside in the 1600 block of Webster Street for speeding and driving while suspended.   Whiteside was transported to the police department where he was processed, cited, and released. Officers arrested Andrew McCollum in the 1300 block of Calhoun Street for possession of fewer than 35 grams marijuana and unlawful use of […]

Experimental Aircraft Association

3 selected to attend Air Academy in Wisconsin

The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 944 at Chillicothe selected three area students to attend the annual Air Academy in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this summer. The selected students are Wesley Sportsman of Marceline, Drew Minnis of Chillicothe, and Jackson Pauley of Chula. Young people from around the world will attend the event, which provides participants opportunities to […]