With the upcoming school year just around the corner, we have compiled a list of schools and their required school supplies for each student.  

If your school is not listed, it simply means we could not find a list for that school.  If you have a link to school supplies not on this list, you may send us a message on our Facebook page with the name of the school as well as a link to the school supplies list.  If you already have a list that is not on our list, you may drop the list to us on our Facebook page via message.  Please note, if sending us a list, the list or file must be in PDF format, or in a Microsoft Word format that we may easily convert.

We hope this makes life a little easier on parents, as we know it’s a hectic time of year.


Braymer Elementary Preschool through 6th

Breckenridge R-I Preschool – 6th

Cainsville R-I Preschool – High School

Cameron Intermediate School 3rd-5th

Central Decatur Community School District 7th-High School

Central Decatur Community School District Pre-6th

Central Elementary 4th-5th

Chillicothe Middle School 6th-8th Grade

Dewey School K-1st Grade

Field School 2nd Grade and Chillicothe R-II 3rd Grade

Gallatin Elementary Preschool – 4th

Gallatin Middle School 5th-8th

Gilman City R-IV Preschool – 6th Jr & Sr High Art and Business Classes

Hamilton Elementary K-5th

Hamilton Middle School 6th-8th

Hamilton’s Little Honey Bees Preschool

Kingston 42 Preschool – 8th

Lamoni Community School Middle School List

Lamoni Community Schools Preschool – 5th

Laredo R-VII Preschool – 8th

Livingston Co R-III Chula Accelerated School Preschool – 8th

Maysville R-I K-6th

Meadville R-IV 7th-12th

Meadville R-IV K-6th

Milan Kindergarten – 4th Grade

Milan Middle School

Newtown-Harris Preschool – 6th

North Daviess R-III Preschool – 6th

North Harrison School 5th-12th

North Harrison School Preschool – 4th

North Mercer R-III Preschool – 6th

Osborn K-12th

Pattonsburg R-II High School Supply List

Pattonsburg R-II Kindergarten – 5th

Princeton R-V Preschool – 6th

Ridgeway School Preschool – High School

South Harrison 7th Grade

South Harrison Middle School 5th Grade

Stanberry Elementary Preschool – 6th

Trenton R-9 Elementary School

Trenton R-9 Middle School

Winston R-IV Early Childhood-6th