School cafeteria worker quits over ‘lunch shaming’ of student

School cafeteria worker quits over 'lunch shaming' of student

PITTSBURGH, PA (KDKA/CNN) – A former lunch lady is accusing a school district of what some call “lunch shaming.”

Stacy Koltiska said it’s a new policy at Canon McMillan School District near Pittsburgh, PA. Schools deny hot lunches to students whose parents have overdrawn accounts. Instead, they’re given a cold cheese sandwich.

She said one incident upset her so much, she resigned.

“The woman I was working with was trying to get my attention, but I didn’t see because we’re serving so many kids, to tell me before I gave him the chicken to give him the cheese,” Koltiska said. “But it was too late. He already had his tray. His eyes welled up with tears. I’ll never forget his name, the look on his face.”

She said, due to school policies, she had to then throw away the hot lunch after taking it away from the boy.

The district said parents were notified in an email or by letter before the school year about the policy.

The superintendent said before the policy was enacted, more than 300 families owed lunch money. As of last Friday, that number went down to just 66 families