Scammers in Livingston County using Sheriff’s Department fax number on caller-ID

Livingston County sheriff

Scammers are once again at work in Livingston County, attempting to bilk residents out of their hard-earned money.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office received information from a local citizen receiving a call, and a message from the phone number 660-646-0520 showing on the caller identification.   That phone number is the fax line for the Livingston County Sheriff’s office.   Instructions were left in the message to call back a toll-free number beginning with 844 and gave an extension number. The citizen subsequently returned the call and felt this was a complete scam and attempt to obtain money.

Sheriff Cox attempted to call and speak with the same representative and was told that man is out of the office for the day. The person who did speak with the sheriff was being vague and claimed to be with a legitimate company in Erie Pennsylvania.   That spokesman would not provide much additional information and had no response when told about the sheriff’s office number showing up on a citizen’s caller-ID.

Everyone should beware these kind of criminals continue to alter and twist their tactics in attempt to cheat you out of your money. If you are out money from a scam or learn your identity was stolen you should report this to your nearest law enforcement agency immediately.