Rattlesnake hunter dies from snakebite


OKEENE, OK (KFOR/CNN) – An Oklahoma man famous for rounding up rattlesnakes has died from complications of a rattlesnake bite.

Tony Felder Jr., 48, passed away after a two-week battle.

Felder, a land surveyor, has for years helped provide snakes for the annual Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt.

He also taught rattlesnake awareness and safety. Rattlesnake hunting was in Tony Felder’s DNA.

His dad and grandfather both did the sport. They didn’t think too much about what could happen.

Tony wasn’t hunting the rattlesnake that bit him.

He came across the reptile while counting cattle put it in the bucket and took it home.

His dad believes the fang went straight into a blood vessel, quickly transporting the venom throughout his body.