Police find mom passed out in car with heroin, 1-year-old in back

Alyssa Bazala

MCKEESPORT, PA (WPXI/CNN) – Police arrested a woman they found passed out in a car with heroin, while her 1-year-old child sat in the back seat.

Alyssa Bazala, 25, was discovered by a police officer at around 3 a.m. Thursday at a Speedway gas station. The officer said a customer told him a car was sitting in a parking spot while running with the doors locked.

The officer said he spotted Bazala in a daze. Police began pounding on the windows to wake her up.

According to the criminal complaint, Bazala had poor motor skills and seemed confused. It took her a full minute to unlock the car door.

When police opened it, they noticed she was holding on to a Crown Royal bag. She told police there was “nothing good” in the bag.

They discovered several empty stamp bags of heroin and a hypodermic needle. She also had ten suspected bags of heroin in her hoodie pocket.

Police recovered five empty stamp bags of heroin in the baby’s diaper bag as well.

The baby was taken to a McKeesport hospital and is now with his grandmother.