Pleasant View R-6 Board of Education approves budget, accepts bids

school board meeting

The Pleasant View R-6 Board of Education has approved a budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016, in which anticipated spending is estimated to surpass revenue by nearly 38-hundred dollars.

Anticipated spending was budgeted at about one million four hundred sixty-two thousand dollars.

The budget for the current fiscal year ending this Thursday shows revenues topping spending by more than thirty-six thousand dollars.

The district has a balance of funds of more than one-point-three million dollars.

The board this morning approved Thermo-Seal of Brookfield to refurbish and re-seal nine of the school windows at a cost of about eleven hundred dollars.

The board approved DPS Powder Coating LLC. of Trenton to sand blast and powder coat all restroom stalls. The cost will depend on the number of hours needed. However, it’s estimated the cost be approximately twenty-four hundred dollars. That’s based on about four hundred dollars per restroom.

The board accepted the resignation of Parents as Teachers coordinator Melody Prescott approved two additional preschool applications and approved an application for an out-of-district resident to attend sixth grade at Pleasant View and pay tuition, of one thousand dollars a family per year, which also is called a book fee.