Parents concerned middle school’s swim class arrangement after kids say grown adults showered with them

Swimming lesson

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) – Parents in Independence are concerned after their kids told them grown adults are showering with them during the school’s swimming class.

School officials say the reason it happens at Bridger Middle School is that students at the school use Henley Aquatic Center for swimming class.

The aquatic center is located right next to the school.

Still, some parents are concerned with the arrangement.

“When my son walked in, there was an older man standing there with the backside of him with no clothes on,” said Lisa Wilbanks. “Other kids have seen worse things than I’ve seen like shaving body parts in the room where they’re at. I think it’s a total oversight from the school.”

Brianne Williams, the child’s stepmom, is also angry.

“We have to get background checks as parents and grandparents to go on field trips or enter the school with children. These people are in a swimming pool and locker rooms behind closed doors,” Williams said.

The controversy ignited a debate in a local Facebook group. 

KCTV5 spoke to one individual over the phone who uses the pool. He said most patrons attempt to avoid the pool during PE hours.

In a statement from the Independence School District, school officials say the children are safe. They add that a teacher is always with students.

Full statement:

The Independence School District always puts student safety first. The Henley Aquatic Center is a community pool housed within our district. The large majority of patrons who use the pool are senior citizens who utilize the Silver Sneakers program. Patrons using the pool cannot gain access to the adjacent Bridger Middle School. A teacher is always with students when they are utilizing the pool and locker rooms. Students will next utilize the pool in December. We have spoken with surrounding districts and their pool and locker room use mirrors ours. During the 12 weeks of the school year when students use the pool as part of the school day, patrons will not be able to use the locker rooms at the same time as students.??