NRA announces $6.5M ad buy for Trump in swing states

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (UPI) — The National Rifle Association has bought its largest television advertising block to date for a spot supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to multiple media reports.

The NRA will spend $6.5 million on an ad featuring a woman who fought off an attacker in a parking garage by wielding the pistol she carries in her purse. The woman, Kristi McMains, looks into the camera and praised Trump for supporting the Second Amendment.

“Every woman has a right to own a gun if she chooses. Hillary Clinton disagrees with that,” McMains says. “Donald Trump supports my right to own a gun.”

The NRA said the ad, which began airing Wednesday and will run through most of October, is appearing on broadcast stations in five battleground states: Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It is also running nationally on cable.

Other NRA ads have been critical of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, as well. With the $6.5 million purchase, the NRA’s total spending on television ads in the presidential campaign now stands at $17 million.