Nearly 200 earthquakes hit near Southern California’s Salton Sea, USGS says

SALTON CITY, Calif. (UPI) — Almost 200 earthquakes were recorded in Southern California’s Salton Sea in roughly a 24-hour period, geologists said Tuesday.

The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the quakes that began Monday and persisted throughout the day. The strongest quake had a magnitude of 4.3, officials said.

Most of the earthquakes were small but three had a magnitude of 4.0 or greater and nine of at least 3.0, the USGS said.

Seismic activity near the Salton Sea is not uncommon, since the 350-square mile body of water is located near numerous fault lines, including the notorious San Andreas.

Scientists say earthquakes that occur near fault lines increase the chance that a larger quake will follow.

The Salton Sea is located about 160 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 125 miles northeast of San Diego.