MoDOT renews agreement to employ sheltered workshop workers


Missouri Department of Transportation has renewed an agreement to employ workers from sheltered workshops.

12th District State Senator Dan Hegeman says sheltered workshops have supplied janitorial services at rest areas for almost 30 years, although in recent times MoDOT has outsourced management of those facilities.

The new three-year agreement for goes into effect October 1st at a cost of slightly more than $19 million. Opponents of sheltered workshops say the disabled workers are underpaid and are better served when employed in traditional work settings.

Sheltered workshops are non-profits that employ people with disabilities.

Republican State Senator Hegeman supports MoDOT”s arrangement with the sheltered workshops.



Missouri has 89 non-profit sheltered workshops statewide, including Hope Haven at Chillicothe.

Collectively, sheltered workshops employ 7,500 people.