Man invents alarm to protect packages delivered on doorsteps

Alarm invented to prevent package theft

SEATTLE, WA (KIRO) – Like many others, of Seattle was taken by bold package thieves – or as he called them, “porch pirates.”

“I was like, there’s got to be a way to protect a box on your porch,” Grabham said. “It can’t be that hard.”

He’d noticed from watching the news that these thieves aren’t deterred by cameras if no one is around.

His invention is called a package guard. When packages are delivered, they go on top of the guard, which sends  a text. Users can respond by arming the guard from their phones.

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“The deterrent is the sound. It turns into a very loud alarm, very similar to a car alarm,” Grabham said.

The alarm tone is still being worked out, but when it goes off, the user gets another text alert, turning the device off remotely.

“The minute the alarm goes off, they’re not going to be walking back to the car – they’re going to run to the car and most likely, they’re going to drop the package,” he said of would-be thieves. “They’ll definitely drop the package if it’s big.”

Grabham said when the device goes into mass production, it will sell for about $50.

“It’s really you trying to take care of your stuff,” he said, “That’s where this came from – me trying to take care of my stuff.”