Man finds wedding ring in golf glove, tracks down owner

Man finds wedding ring in golf glove tracks down owner

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – A man first faced the horrible situation of having to explain to his wife that he lost his wedding ring, but he wasn’t sure how or where. Then a Good Samaritan came to his rescue, with a little help from social media.

On Valentine’s Day Chris Castro was out celebrating with his wife when he stopped by a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Zona Rosa.

“I tried some golf gloves on,” he said.

He tried on a few things, then realized later in the night, something very important to him was no longer where it was supposed to be.

“I noticed my wedding ring was missing,” Castro said.

He called the store, but there was no sign of it. He called back several more times and still nothing.                

Nearly three weeks later Jeff Geyer stopped at Dick’s to try on some new golf gear.

“I put on a golf glove and my finger got jammed…I pull it out and there’s a wedding ring and I’m like, there’s a man down, we’ve got to help him,” Geyer said.

Geyer turned the ring in to the store management, but said he knew he had to do more. He placed a notice on Facebook and a mutual friend put two and two together. 

Now, not only is Castro back in the good graces of his wife, but he found a new golf buddy in the process.

“We are going to play golf now,” Geyer said.

“I do owe this man a round of golf,” Castro was quick to reply.