Livingston County places one-half cent sales tax on April 4th ballot

Livingston County Courthouse

The “A Step Forward for Livingston County” committee announces that Livingston County has placed on the ballot for the April 4 election a one-half cent general sales tax.

The County Commission completed a study last year of the long-term needs of the County and, according to Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas, the study shows that Livingston County is significantly underfunded.

“With the additional funds from the sales tax increase, our county will be able to keep up with increasing prisoner/jail expenses, significantly improve county roads in conjunction with our county’s townships, as well as working with the city of Chillicothe to improve roads of mutual interest like Litton Road,” Douglas said. “Additionally, these funds will allow us (in partnership with the city of Chillicothe) to maintain a high quality 911 Emergency Service, preserve our facilities (courthouse, sheriff’s office, and the road and bridge barn) and, over time, build an adequate reserve fund commensurate with adjacent counties, to handle emergencies.”

According to Douglas, Livingston County has by far the lowest sales tax of the six adjacent counties. When compared with the sales tax rate for those six counties, Livingston County’s sales tax rate is far below any of those counties. The sales tax rates for the adjacent counties are as follows: (Caldwell 2.50%, Linn 2.00%, Daviess, 2.00%, Chariton 1.875%, Grundy 1.50%, Carroll 1.25%). Livingston County’s sales tax rate is currently 0.75%.

“We are proposing to voters that Livingston County’s sales tax rate be raised .50% (half of one percent) to equal the lowest of the surrounding counties or 1.25%”.

Data shows that 44% of the revenues currently received from Livingston County’s sales tax comes from those who reside outside of the county. Data also shows that a one-half cent sales tax will cost the average family about $8.75 per month.

The Committee for “A Step Forward for Livingston County” includes the three current county commissioners and the three most recently retired county commissioners. Co-Chairs current Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas and retired 20-year Presiding Commissioner Eva Danner, Treasurer retired 20-year East

You may view the brochure released by the committee by clicking on this link A Step Forward.