Lathrop Resident Wins $77,777 After Working on Taxes

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Robert White of Lathrop will have another consideration when filing taxes after winning a $77,777 top prize on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket.

“I finished working on taxes and went to Fast Break to buy a ticket,” said White, 58, who purchased his winning “Ruby Red 7s” ticket from Fast Break, 101 Center St., in Lathrop.

“It’s my favorite place to buy tickets. I won $1,000 last month, and I know a Missouri Lottery Ruby Red 7 Scratch ticketguy who won $250,000 on a ticket from there,” he said.

While White prefers to play $20 Scratchers tickets, his wife enjoys tickets of the $5 variety.

“I wanted to get one of the new ‘7’ tickets, but they were out. So I got the other ‘7’ ticket they had,” said White, who made his winning Scratchers ticket purchase on Feb. 6.

After returning home, White surprised his wife, Maxine, with the “Ruby Red 7s” ticket he had purchased, which would soon bring added excitement to the couple’s day.

“She said, ‘Oh, my gosh, I won $1,000. I won another $1,000,’” said White, recalling the moment they couple uncovered their $77,777 prize. “Then she said there was $10,000. That’s when I knew we had something special.”

The couple plans to use a majority of their $77,777 prize to pay off bills, but they would also like to devote some winnings towards new furniture for their home.