LAPD Confirms Knife Found on Former OJ Simpson Property

BRENTWOOD, California ( – Los Angeles police confirmed Friday morning that a knife was found on the former Brentwood property of O.J. Simpson.

The confirmation follows a report, published Friday by TMZ and citing law enforcement sources, that said a construction worker found a knife years ago buried on the perimeter of the former Simpson home and handed it over to a police officer working security for a nearby film shoot. The officer, now retired, was recently ordered to surrender the knife for testing by authorities, according to the report.

LAPD Capt. Andrew Neiman told NBC4 Friday morning that police are investigating the report. Police later confirmed a knife was found on the property, but did not provide other information on the discovery or confirm any other details in the TMZ report.

It was not clear to whom the knife belonged. Police planned to provide more details later Friday.

TMZ reported, citing law enforcement sources, that the knife was found “several years ago to 1998.” The mansion on Rockingham Avenue in Brentwood, where Simpson lived when his ex-wife and her friend were stabbed to death in June 1994, was demolished by a new owner in 1998.

The former NFL and USC football star was acquitted of murder in the slayings of ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. A civil jury found him liable for the slayings.

In September 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with several felonies after an armed robbery and kidnapping at a hotel. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison.