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News Vermont Lawmakers First To Pass State Bill Requiring Labeling Of Genetically Modified Foods
  Randy (2014/4/24 10:45:54)
News Fetal Tissue Used To Power Oregon Homes
  Randy (2014/4/24 10:36:11)
News Light Case Load For Associate Division Of Circuit Court
  Randy (2014/4/24 9:48:14)
News Trenton Resident Charged With Domestic Assault
  Randy (2014/4/24 9:45:04)
News Trenton Police Partner To Offer At-Home Drug Tests For Free
  Randy (2014/4/24 9:38:18)
News Colorado 4th-Graders Busted For Buying And Selling Pot During School Day
  Randy (2014/4/24 9:18:17)
News Armed Robbers Hit Southeast Missouri Nursing Home
  Randy (2014/4/24 7:49:22)
News House Bill Would Let Motorcyclists Ride Without Helmets
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:39:17)
News Branson Aldermen Consider Public Smoking Ban
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:35:41)
News Kansas Will Nullify Local Regulation Of Guns
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:26:52)
News Call Of Duty Loser Calls In SWAT Team Hoax On Kid Who Beat Him
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:22:21)
News Warrensburg Teacher Charged With Child Porn
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:13:13)
News Authorities Investigate Shooting Death In Southwest Iowa
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:08:36)
News In Disney's Shadow, Homeless Families Struggle
  Randy (2014/4/24 4:04:23)
News Police Stop Swerving Pickup, Find 13-Year Old Boy Driving Drunk Dad Home
  Randy (2014/4/23 9:45:48)
News Dr. G Discusses Bed Wetting
  Randy (2014/4/23 9:22:55)
News Mom Bites Off Ear Of Dog Attacking 2-Year Old Daughter
  Randy (2014/4/23 6:47:15)
News NCMC To Prepare For Tight Budget
  Randy (2014/4/23 4:45:04)
News Children's Mercy Hospital Adopts No Hitting Policy
  Randy (2014/4/23 4:40:09)
News Woman Allegedly Sells Heroin From Hospital Bed
  Randy (2014/4/23 4:35:27)
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