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News NCMC Board Of Trustees Meeting Report
  Randy (2015/1/23 7:44:18)
News Powerball Lottery Sales Plunge As 'Jackpot Fatigue' Sets In
  Randy (2015/1/23 4:42:14)
News 3 Million-Year-Old Ancestor Had Human-Like Hands
  Randy (2015/1/23 4:20:57)
News State Representative's Son Arrested On DWI, Drug Charges After Wreck
  Randy (2015/1/23 4:09:46)
News Deputy Busts Couple After Finding Meth Lab On His Property
  Randy (2015/1/23 4:05:17)
News Missouri Supreme Court Halts Execution Of Marcellus Williams
  Randy (2015/1/23 4:01:48)
News Missouri Car Dealers Sue State For Tesla's Direct Sales
  Randy (2015/1/23 3:58:04)
News Man Uses Puppy To Beat Girlfriend
  Randy (2015/1/23 3:53:33)
News Measles Outbreak Casts Spotlight On Anti-Vaccine Movement
  Randy (2015/1/23 3:50:53)
News Trenton Ranked As Most Affordable Place To Live In Missouri
  Randy (2015/1/22 9:20:47)
News Sixteen To Be Transported To Missouri Department Of Corrections To Serve Sentences
  Randy (2015/1/22 8:46:00)
News Missouri Unemployment Dips Again; 44,700 Jobs Gained In 2014
  Randy (2015/1/22 6:51:41)
News Federal Charges Unlikely For Darren Wilson In Ferguson Case, Officials Say
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:33:17)
News Mysterious 15th-Century Irish Town Found Near Medieval Castle
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:22:48)
News 2 Sunken Canal Boats From Mid-1800s Found In Lake Ontario
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:19:12)
News Kirksville Police Respond To School Bus Crash On Highway 63
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:15:26)
News Missouri Boy Who Fell Through Ice Awake And Responsive
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:10:42)
News 50 Jack Russell Terriers Removed From Missouri Property
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:08:41)
News Veteran Slammed With Nasty Note For Parking In Reserved Spot
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:05:40)
News Baker Faces Complaint For Refusing Anti-Gay Message On Cake
  Randy (2015/1/22 4:00:36)
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