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Visit North Central Missouri College Popular site    Last Update 2009/9/10 10:35
Category  Web Sites In Trenton, Missouri
North Central Missouri College is truly a remarkable college known for its academic excellence and strong sense of community. We believe our educational institution signifies choice and value. It is people gathering to investigate, discover, seek opportunities, and embark upon countless challenges for betterment.

Our investment in teaching creates an educational experience that is intellectually challenging and has a practical value far beyond the classroom. Our students are instructed by a talented faculty who invest their time and energy to ensure individual success. Small class sizes and a variety of class schedules afford advantages that give students the ability to create their own learning experiences.

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Visit Dockery Chapel United Methodist Church Popular site    rss Last Update 2010/7/16 8:18
Category  Web Sites In Trenton, Missouri
We invite you to attend and want to make you welcome. Our service is a relaxed traditional one. You are encouraged to dress so that you feel comfortable. Most people are dressed casually (Sport shirts, jeans, a few overalls, and some suits and dresses can be seen at any service.)

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