Gooseberry Festival 5K Run Results

Date 2013/6/18 5:30:00 | Topic: News

Official results from the 5K run during the Gooseberry festival are in. Nancy Nowland was the overall winner.

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Females 5K

Overall Winner Nancy Nowland, Chillicothe, MO 25:47

6 and Under
No Entries

7-9 Years
1. Anissa Williams, Chillicothe, MO
2. Ali Westcott, Trenton, MO
3. No Entry

10-11 Years
1. Ann Airey, Trenton, MO
2. Mackenzie McAtee, Trenton, MO
3. Sara Spencer, Spickard, MO

12-13 Years
1. Hayley Michael, Gallatin, MO
2. Carman Stephenson, Kansas City, MO
3. Maddie Searcy

14-15 Years
1. Avery Webb, Humphreys, MO
2. Tessa Schlatter, Trenton, MO
3. Vivian Draughn, Trenton, MO

16-20 Years
1. Mackenzie Mack, Trenton, MO
2. Chandler Wilson, Trenton, MO
3. Katie Lenhart, Trenton, MO

21-25 Years
1. Hadley Jennings, Trenton, MO
2. Brittaney Oxford, Trenton, MO
3. Shayna Provorse, Trenton, MO

26-30 Years
1. Susan Allen, Trenton, MO
2. Kellie Fries, Kansas City, MO
3. Marisa McCoy, Chillicothe, MO

31-35 Years
1. Jenna Gibson, Trenton, MO
2. Angela Stephenson, Kansas City, MO
3. Angela Williams, Chillicothe, MO

36-40 Years
1. Tammie Spencer, Spickard, MO
2. Darla Shipley, Chillicothe, MO
3. Rachel Raishe, Trenton, Mo
4. Lynn Coffman, Galt, MO
**Tammie Spencer was announced in the wrong age category at the medal ceremony and is the first place winner for this age category.

41-50 Years
1. Gayle Hall, Laredo, MO
2. Sue Chenoweth, Trenton, MO
3. Shannon Snuffer, Jamesport, MO

51-60 Years
1. Nancy Nowland, Chillicothe, MO
2. Katie Roberts, Mt. Pleasant, SC
3. Jane Cotton, Jamesport, MO

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