Trenton girls tennis routs Carrollton on Senior Night

Date 2012/9/26 10:00:00 | Topic: Sports

The Trenton High School girls tennis team whipped up on Carrollton on Monday night, with the varsity winning all nine matches played against the Lady Trojans, with six of those matches claimed in a 8-love sweep. The Trenton JV won 4 of 7 matches played against Carrollton to get the team victory. Click on "read more" to see complete details:
Varsity Singles:

#1: Jaci Tracy (THS) d. Lucie Callicotte (CHS) - 8-Love
#2: Jessica Tracy (THS) d. Madyson Fry (CHS) - 8-Love
#3: Maria Stevenson (THS) d. Sierra Payne (CHS) - 8-Love
#4: Megan Derry (THS) d. Alyson Miller (CHS) - 8-Love
#5: Megan Sole (THS) d. Sydney Stanley (CHS) - 8-1
#6: Magie Steinhoff (THS) d. Hannah Towle (CHS) - 8-Love

Varsity Doubles:

#1: Tracy/Tracy (THS) d. Callicotte/Fry (CHS) - 8-Love
#2: Stevenson/Derry (THS) d. Payne/Stanley (CHS) - 8-1
#3: Sole/Steinhoff (THS) d. Miller/Towle (CHS) - 8-3

JV Doubles:
Alexis Fender/Alvynne Villacampa (THS) d. Brotherton/Peterson (CHS) - 6-2
Leah Husong/Siara Bailey (THS) d. McQueen/McQueen (CHS) - 6-1
Brunscher/Sullivan (CHS) d. Tristan Dugan/Hannah Robinson (THS) - 6-2
Hannah Brinser/Hannah Sowder (THS) d. Hedrick/Pepper (CHS) - 6-Love
Barry/Dewey (CHS) d. Megan Ellis/Jessica Harrison (THS) - 7-6, 9-7 tiebreak
Ashley Allen/Kellie Smith (THS) d. Gorsett/Grimpo (CHS) - 6-2

JV Singles:
Kara Berrey (CHS) d. Michelle Stewart (THS) - 6-3

The regular season finale for the Trenton girls is Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock at Kirksville High School. District TEAM competition will be held next Monday through Wednesday (October 1st through 3rd) in Chillicothe.

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