North Central Missouri Fair week is here

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This article and more flyers about the 2012 North Central Missouri Fair can be found on the website It was reprinted here for our audience's convenience. Enjoy the North Central Missouri Fair in Trenton this Tuesday through Saturday. Kenny's Funland will be the carnival each night of fair week.
There is no alcohol allowed on the Fair grounds. Stop by the FFA Cook Shack during the week of July 31st-August 4th, 2012.

Cook shack is open Tuesday at 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wednesday - Friday 7 am - 10 pm
Saturday - 6:30 am - 10:30 pm

Tuesday, July 31st
5:00 be in line- 5:30 pm Parade begins-NCM Fair Parade "Squeals, Thrills and Ferris Wheels"
7:00 pm-North Central Missouri Fair Queen Coronation
7:30-"Organized Chaos" A Musical Jambalaya & "Locust Ridge" Bands

A group of local citizens "jammed" together to entertain and help support our fair.  Come see a variety of music and songs performed and organized by our very own locals to start off our NCM Fair entertainment. (Travis Mulleniz, Vince Neal, Will Zang, Lisa Huffstutter, Bob Gass, Melissa Gay, Michelle Gay, Charlie Bacon, Jack Bain, Brandon Spencer, Dave Lamme, Gordy Hale, Marilyn Bain, Frosty Garr, Jan Fisk)

Ticket Prices:  Adults & Children $5, Children 5 & Under-Free
6:00 pm - Snack Shack Annual BBQ
8am - 8pm - Swine Arrive
8pm - Swine Weigh-In
8:30am - 5 pm - Junior & Senior Division Household Arts & Science Entries in Rock Barn
8:30 am -5 pm - Creative Activities Entries in Rock Barn
9 am -2 pm - Fine Arts Entries in Courtyard
9:15-9:45 am - Dog Show Check-In at Green Hills Animal Shelter
10 am - Dog Show at Green Hills Animal Shelter

Wednesday, August 1st

7:00 pm - IAMO Truck & Tractor Pull
Ticket Prices:  Adults $10, Children 6-12 Years $5, Children 5 & Under-Free

Snack Shack Special-BBQ Pork Sandwich/Apple Sauce/Baked Beans w/drink $4 wo/$2.50

9 am~Pee Wee Swine Show, Swine Show, Barrow Show
4 pm~ Goats MUST arrive by this time
6:30 pm~Pee Wee Goat Show, Goat Show

Thursday, August 2nd

6:30 pm-Register for Muttin Bustin 7:00 pm-Muttin Bustin
8:00 pm-Rubean D & Jessy James Memorial Bullride

Ticket Price:  Adults $12, Children 6-12 year $5, Children 5 & under-Free
Snack Shack Special-Loaded Baked Potato/Drink $3.50
8 am~Rabbits & Poultry Arrive at Livestock Pavillion
9 am~Rabbit & Poultry Show
8:30 am-10:30 am~Floriculture Department Entries in Rockbarn
12~Dairy MUST arrive by
1 pm~Dairy Show-Including Bucket Calves
8 am-8 pm~Sheep Arrive
8 pm~Sheep Weigh-In

Friday, August 3rd

Sign in 4:30 pm Race 7:00 pm-ATV & Dirtbike Motocross Races

Ticket Price:  $10 per class except for Expert $20, Pit Pass $15, Adult $10,

Children 6-12 years $5, Children 5 and under-Free
Snack Shack Special-Walking Taco $3.00 w/drink $4.00
Southwest Potatoes $1.00
9 am~Ladies Lead, Pee Wee, Breeding Sheep Show, Market Lamb
8 am-8 pm~Cattle Arrive
8 pm-9 pm~Weigh Steers

Saturday, August 4th

8:00-8:45 am-Register for Horse Show  9:00 am-Horse Show at North Missouri Saddle Club
7:00 pm-Demolition Derby

Check in at 4:00 pm through High School parking lot

Ticket Price:  Adult $10, Children 6-12 years $5, Children 5 and under-Free

Pit Passes $20, No one under 15 admitted in pit
Snack Shack Special-Southwest Potatoes $1.00
9 am~Beef Bucket Calf Show-Beef Breeding Show-Steer Show
8-8:45 am~Horse Registration at the Saddle Club Grounds
9 am~Horse Show at the Saddle Club Grounds

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