Jamesport School Board Report

Date 2014/7/2 4:02:46 | Topic: News

A balanced budget has been adopted by the Jamesport Tri County Board of Education. Members also accepted bids at a special meeting last night.
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Regarding end of the fiscal year matters, the board voted to transfer funds to reflect actual revenue and expenditures.  Total revenues were more than two million, 381 thousand dollars.   Expenditures during the year exceeded two million, 344 thousand dollars.  That left a surplus of 37 thousand dollars for the fiscal year that ended Monday.

Then the board approved the 2014-15 budget with an anticipated surplus of over 26 thousand, 800 dollars.

The board accepted bids including the audit by Kevin Hudson; window renovations by Ferman Hostettler; and speech services by April Ranes.
An executive session was held last night with no announcements made.

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