Chula School District To Hold Free Screenings

Date 2014/3/17 9:09:17 | Topic: News

The Chula School District holds Preschool and Kindergarten screenings April 1st from Noon until 5 o'clock and April 2nd from 8:30 until 2.

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Appointments for the free screenings can be made by contacting the Chula School. Children entering Preschool must be 3 years old by August 1st.

Screenings include hearing, vision, and health, height and weight, speech and developmental, and a check of immunization records. The screening takes about 1 hour.

During that time, health forms and a parent questionnaire are to be filled out.

A child's birth certificate, immunization records, and social security card should be taken to the screening---unless they're already enrolled in Preschool. In that case, only
immunization records are needed.

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